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Premium 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

Illusionhair Tape Technology

Using the latest adhesive technology Illusionhair ® has developed a transparent ultra thin PU bond together with both Ultra Thin or Original Replacement Tapes that when applied correctly will form a lasting bond guaranteed not to slip in between adjustments. Using our Tape Hair Extensions Remover will ensure the PU bond is not damaged and is reusable many times casing no damage to your natural hair.

Illusionhair Philosophy

To provide the highest quality 100% Remy Human Hair extensions at an affordable price together with unbeatable customer service. Illusionhair ® is graded by our technicians from the finest quality100% Remy human hair sourced mainly from Asia. The hair comes from one individual, and is the full length of strands, from the roots to the ends. The entire cuticle will run in the same direction as your own hair does.

Illusionhair Processing

Illusionhair ® Extensions undergo a strict purification and coloring procedure. Minimal processing is the key factor in making Illusionhair ® Extensions soft, beautiful, silky, durable and tangle-free.